Luxury Bathroom Rentals

Put the finishing touches on your lavish event with a Mobile Bathroom. After you’ve spent so much time on all the little details don’t let a bad bathroom experience ruin the event for your guests. These are not your typical porta potty, built to feel like a luxury hotel. Mobile Bathrooms show up clean, fully stocked and smelling fresh.

  • Women’s Bathroom Contains 2 Luxury Stalls with Flushable  Toilets
  • Men’s Bathroom Contains 2 Luxury Stalls with Flushable Toilets and 2 Urinals
  • All Self-Contained
  • Generator and Solar Powered
  • Full Climate Control with Heat and Air Conditioning
  • Wood Floors
  • Marble Countertops
  • Occupancy Indicators
  • Canopies & Tire Covers Available Upon Request

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